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About Lane Abernathy

Lane Abernathy grew up in Bell Buckle, TN, a small town of 450 people 50 miles south-east of Nashville. There’s no stop light, trains barrel through every hour or so, and getting stuck on the road behind a tractor isn’t unusual. Childhood for Lane meant potluck dinners and back-yard bonfires, grownups singing the likes of Van Morrison and the Rolling Stones, and long walks through the woods. The group of families who raised their children together surrounded Lane with a sense of wonder and passion that has guided his life and helped him grow into an artist deeply connected with his roots and the world around him.

When it came time to record his first album, it was the room where Neil Young made Harvest that Lane chose to begin the process. Bringing together a group of friends and playing as a band in a room, they recorded bass, drums, and keys live, capturing the emotion and feeling that can only happen when you’re able to look someone in the eye and find the groove. With those tracks, he returned to his family’s home in Bell Buckle, the century old bungalow farmhouse with a porch bigger than most apartments, and began to breathe life into the songs.

The stories in Lane’s songs could practically be anyone’s, but there’s something special about his music, something timeless and classic that stirs the heart, like whispers of a ghost. There is a vulnerability that gives Lane’s music strength, an innocence that allows the listener to remember emotions long forgotten, but a maturity that carries the weight. Like the prodigal son’s return, Lane’s music brings us home, to the heart of it all, and reminds us that in the face of pain and sorrow, we can still find joy.

you can contact Lane at LaneAbernathy@gmail.com